The 9Adar Project
Jewish Week of Constructive Conflict
February 18 – 24, 2018

Conflict Happens. Make It Better.

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Part of Pardes’s Video and Curriculum Series “Mahloket Matters: How to Disagree Constructively”. Materials include a video, source-sheets, the conflict scenario and facilitator’s guide.

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About The 9AdarProject

The 9Adar Project seeks to cultivate a culture of constructive conflict across personal, political, religious and other divides. The 9th of the Hebrew month of Adar marks the day that two thousand years ago healthy disagreements “for the sake of Heaven” between Beit Hillel and Beit Shammai turned destructive, and it serves as a powerful reminder of what can happen when these values and skills are neglected.

In 2018, the 9Adar Project’s Jewish Week of Constructive Conflict will be commemorated February 18 – 24 (3 – 9 Adar 5778).

In Israel, the project is known as דיבור חדש: השבוע לקידום מחלוקת בונה (Dibbur Hadash: Week of Constructive Conflict). Dibbur Hadash seeks to strengthen the culture of constructive conflict through collaboration with community mediation and dialogue centers throughout the country, as well as with intra- and inter-faith organizations. Due to the proximity to Purim and the amount of Purim activities in Israel, Dibbur Hadash: Week of Constructive Conflict will be observed March 4-10, 2018.

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