9Adar is February 15-21, 2021 (Adar 3-9 5781)


Learn in-depth about Judaism and conflict resolution for a semester at Pardes

Samuel and Evelyn Linden Scholarship Fund

The Pardes Judaism and Conflict Resolution Course (Peace and Conflict Track) seeks to challenge participants into being knowledgeable and active rodfei shalom (Jewish pursuers of peace) between individuals, families, communities and nations. We will attempt to do this through the study of classic Jewish rabbinic texts, conflict resolution theories, newspapers articles, group discussions, guest speakers and field trips.

The Samuel and Evelyn Linden Scholarship Fund was created to honor the memory of two individuals who were passionate supporters of the State of Israel and had an equally strong commitment to peace and social justice. This scholarship fund assists students who are engaged in or seriously interested in the broader field of conflict resolution to participate in the intensive study of Judaism and conflict resolution in the framework of the Pardes Judaism and Conflict Resolution Course.

Schedule: Sundays and Tuesdays 2:30pm-5pm. Classes are from January 21 to May 27, 2014.

Application deadline: February 4, 2014.

To apply (and for more details), please send Application Form to pcjcr@pardes.org.il.

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