9Adar is February 15-21, 2021 (Adar 3-9 5781)


Two Healthy Recipes for 9 Adar

Lily Aronin

There are two ways to prioritize any list of things. You can begin with the large number of small items and then add the few big, important items to the list. You will certainly get more accomplished. Or you can begin with the large, difficult but vital priorities. Then, add the many smaller concerns to your list. In the discussion concerning the 18 laws of Shammai on the 9th of Adar, Rabbi Eliezer and Rabbi Joshua elucidate this concept in real terms by using food. Check out Lily Aronin’s two Healthy Recipes for the 9 Adar Break-fast Se’uda in memory of Rabbi Joshua and Rabbi Eliezer.

Lily Aronin is a Health Coach. She works with women of all ages who want to live at their ideal weight through self-love and body harmony. She specializes in re-framing goals so that they are achievable, sustainable and fun.

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