9Adar is February 15-21, 2021 (Adar 3-9 5781)


2014 Annual Report on 9Adar

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The purpose of this report is to attempt to capture the articles, events, ways people promoted 9Adar, and as much information that could be gathered in order to give a picture of what occurred. This document is also a tool to help determine next steps toward achieving the goals of 9Adar in the future.

In lieu of the data presented in this report, 9Adar, the Jewish Day of Constructive Conflict 2014 was a tremendous success. There were many outcomes that exceeded expectations – in terms of the resources created, the number of people who were aware of 9Adar, the number of events that took place and the types of events. This year, apart from Pardes and a few other organizations, it was not planned for others to run events, so the mere fact that so many events occurred was astounding.

The primary goal was to raise public awareness around the day and its key values. This was measured according to the number of people knowing the day 9Adar as the Jewish Day of Constructive Conflict. ~10,000 people heard about 9Adar in 2013 and ~100,000 people heard about it in 2014.

The second primary goal was to use the day as a tool for establishing a network of organizations committed to these values. In contrast to 2013, where there were six organizations who promoted 9Adar, ran an event, or submitted materials, ~65 organizations participated in 2014.

In summary, the primary goals were met well beyond anyone’s expectations and the Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict Resolution plans to continue increasing the awareness and impact of 9Adar.

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