9Adar is February 15-21, 2021 (Adar 3-9 5781)



Bar-Ilan University’s Program on Conflict Management, Resolution and Negotiation: “We are delighted and honored to be co-sponsoring this important day of constructive conflict resolution. We believe it is a model program – in both education and practice – for how to think about intra-communal differences that have been and could be destructive and grab hold of them as practical lessons for peace making and conflict resolution, not despite differences but through them.”  –Jay Rothman, Associate Professor

Bar-Ilan University’s Program on Conflict Management and Negotiation and Political Science Department: “The concept of “constructive conflict” is central in restoring the Jewish framework for conflict management within the community. The model of Hillel and Shammai is at least as important now as it was 2000 years ago.” –Prof. Gerald M. Steinberg

Encounter: Underlying Encounter’s methodology is the core belief that innovative strategies for peace can be created only when influential stakeholders in a conflict meet one another, open themselves to previously disregarded points-of-view, and develop relationships across political and ideological divides. Pardes’ CJCR opened up a new opportunity for us to put this belief into action, giving us the chance to ask a dozen of our alumni to facilitate multi-vocal conversations about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Jewish communities across North America. –The Encounter Team

Jewish Council for Public Affairs’ Civility Campaign: “The 9th of Adar is a sober reminder of the harm that destructive conflict can engender.  Thanks to PCJCR (Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict Resolution) for offering us all this opportunity to prevent further harm to the Jewish community and to the democratic societies in which we live.” —Rabbi Amy Eilberg, Chair 

Reconstructionist Rabbinical College’s Multifaith Studies and Initiatives: Conflict resolution and peace building are topics high on our agenda at RRC and also on the agenda of many of our Christian and Muslim dialogue partners. We are eager to participate in this important initiative and honored to be hosting Rabbi Daniel Roth at our Multifaith Salon on February 14. Indeed, we already have had a robust response to our invitation to the salon with Rabbi Roth.” —Rabbi Nancy Fuchs Kreimer, Ph.D., Director

University of Virginia’s Department of Religious Studies: “How profound it would be if 9Adar were commemorated annually in the fashion envisioned by Pardes.  That would be profound as well for participants in the Society for (Jewish) Textual Reasoning and the Society for (Abrahamic) Scriptural Reasoning, whose goal is to foster fellowships of study across scriptural borders.” —Peter Ochs, Edgar Bronfman Professor of Modern Judaic Studies

Pardes student: “Pardes is amazing not only for its broad diversity of students but also for the ways in which the members of the community engage constructively with one another about points of disagreement. 9Adar was a beautiful embodiment of this philosophy. Led by our thoughtful faculty, the student body was able to discuss difficult issues directly and productively. At Pardes there are many opinions on every issue, but as 9Adar showed, we can all agree to approach our disagreements with respect and open minds.” Sean Nadel just arrived at Pardes a few weeks ago as a Spring semester student. He is from Los Angeles, CA and recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

Pardes student: “It was really special to be able to facilitate discussions amongst my peers about their Israel story, including where they have come from and what their vision for Israel is. Having heard Daniel and Michael model how to engage in a respectful dialogue, it was clear to all of us how we should act. As a future educator I gained skills that I will use in the classroom when approaching sensitive topics.” Naomi Minsky is from London, England and graduated from the University of Manchester. Before joining the Pardes Educators Program she worked as the social action coordinator at JCoSS in London. JCoSS is currently the only cross-communal/non-denominational secondary school in England.

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