9Adar is February 18 – 24, 2018

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Campaign 2018: Keep or Cancel the Controversial Speaker?

Recently, communities in America and around the world have shared with us the increasing challenges they face in balancing opposing political and ideological views both within their own community and between communities. Too often, communities feel stuck having to chose between either engaging in volatile destructive interactions or attempting to avoid such conversations altogether in favor of communal harmony.

However, there is a third option. In Judaism this may be referred to as mahloket l’shem shamayim, literally ‘disagreement for the sake of Heaven’ which means disagreeing constructively in a manner that allows opposing sides to learn from one another and even strengthen their relationship, instead of damaging it.

The 9Adar Project is inviting rabbis, educators and community leaders to lead their communities in an intriguing 90 minute event on disagreeing constructively and a corresponding exercise:

  • Study Jewish texts about the ancient Sanhedrin’s guidelines for engaging in constructive mahloket (disagreement).
  • Practice constructive controversy through engaging in a mock-Sanhedrin exercise using the 9Adar 2018 conflict scenario, “Keep or cancel the controversial speaker? You Decide!”
  • (For Schools:”Keep or Cancel the School’s Tzedaka Policy? You Decide!”)
  • After going through the constructive controversy exercise, cast your community’s vote. See how other communities across our various political and ideological divides voted and why.
    Suggested length of event: 90 minutes.

Schedule: Materials available Jan 15, 2018. Voting closes March 15. Materials will continue to be available as part of the upcoming video and lecture series, Mahloket Matters: How to Disagree Constructively.

There is no charge for these materials. Please sign up below to be part of this initiative and we will send you the relevant materials on Jan 15. Please spread the word to let others know about this exciting initiative.

Mahloket Matters: How to Disagree Constructively

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