9Adar is February 18 – 24, 2018

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It is an honor to have you joining 9Adar: Jewish Week of Constructive Conflict. As you know, our goals are strengthening a community of organizations committed to the Jewish values and practices of constructive conflict (mahloket l’shem shamayim) and together ensuring that they continue to play a central role in Jewish culture and identity. We see you as significant shareholders in this initiative, and without you, none of this can happen. We, therefore, would like to share with you this media kit to help promote larger public awareness.

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  • Add #9Adar to all your Facebook posts and Tweets about constructive conflict
  • Email copies of your newsletters/videos/event details to 9Adar@pardes.org.il
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  • Participate in our social media campaign (Coming Soon). In addition to sharing our posts, you can post on your page. Here are some samples (indent them):
    • Learn to handle conflicts better by reading 10 Tips for Constructive Feedback (http://elmad.pardes.org/2015/08/10-tips-for-constructive-feedback-from-the-rambam/). @9Adar
    • In honor of 9Adar: Jewish Week of Constructive Conflict, check out “Disagreements for the Sake of Heaven” (www.youtube.com/watch?v=aL9pok2a41o) @9Adar
    • In honor of 9Adar: Jewish Week of Constructive Conflict, check out “Making Conflicts Constructive” (www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdsOphJ6CLY) @9Adar
    • Someone upset you? You may benefit from giving constructive feedback. Learn more at www.9Adar.org/tochacha2017. @9Adar
    • What are the benefits of giving constructive feedback? Do you find it hard to give constructive feedback? Find out what Judaism has to say about it: www.9Adar.org/tochacha2017. @9Adar
    • Do you rebuke people when they’ve hurt you? Want to know what Judaism says about how and when to do this? See www.9Adar.org/tochacha2017. @9Adar
    • Got conflict? Try resolving it in a constructive way. See www.9Adar.org. @9Adar
    • What if a person upset you and didn’t know they did it? Or neither of you knew the other’s side of the story? Maybe you can learn from their side, gain something from it, and actually turn it into something constructive. Check out www.9Adar.org/tochacha2017. @9adar
    • 9Adar: Jewish Week of Constructive Conflict is February 19-25, 2017. Our 9Adar programming includes…. @9Adar
    • We want our conflicts to be more constructive and are joining 9Adar: Jewish Week of Constructive Conflict. Join us at/by…. @9Adar

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