9Adar is February 15-21, 2021 (Adar 3-9 5781)

2016 Social Media Campaign: Making Conflict Constructive

2016 Social Media Campaign: Making Conflict Constructive

Where do you experience conflict or disagreement? How can we disagree more constructively?

To participate in our 9Adar Jewish Week of Constructive Conflict, watch the video below and do the following:

Take a picture of yourself holding a sign or a video of you speaking with the following message:

  • I/We disagree more constructively when I/we …..
  • My tip for disagreeing constructively is…

Share the picture or video on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter tagging The 9Adar Project (@The9AdarProject) and using #HowtoDisagree.

Alternatively, you can email them to 9adar@pardes.org.il.

We disagree more constructively when…

Trump and Clinton. We disagree when...   Star Wars. We disagree when...   Bibi and Netenyahu. We disagree when...   The Grinder. We disagree when...   Putin and Barak. We disagree when...   MODERN FAMILY. We disagree when...   Kramer. We disagree when...


I disagree more constructively when… 

12189094_1255989774416708_4240770016043326242_n   12800253_1255989757750043_3402363354469477770_n   Anya Friedman Hutter   Chaim Leiter   Dalia Wolfson   Dorothy Newman   Elana Burack   Frankel Jewish Academy   Frankel Jewish Academy2   Frankel Jewish Academy3   Frankel Jewish Academy4   Frankel Jewish Academy5   Frankel Jewish Academy6   Frankel Jewish Academy7   Gabriel Naghi and Joan Bobrof   Hannah Jaffe   Hannah Senesh Community Day School   Hannah Senesh Community Day School2   Hannah Senesh Community Day School3   Hannah Senesh Community Day School4   Hannah Senesh Community Day School5   Hannah Senesh Community Day School6   Hannah Senesh Community Day School7   Hannah Senesh Community Day School8   Hannah Senesh Community Day School9   Hannah Senesh Community Day School10   Hannah Senesh Community Day School11   Jackie   Jeremy Rudoler   Jeremy Wilson   Jordan Dewar   Julie Cohen   Binyamin Cohen    David Wallach    Elana Weiner    Erin Lehrer    Rachel Cohn

image2    Rachel Dingman        Roberta Glick    Johanna Press    Eli Steier    Frankel Jewish Academy    FJA    1909886_1242484795767206_4018286449634294201_n    10274125_1242640349084984_6464360265450428951_n 10399616_1242640385751647_3187427747869241384_n    12661817_1242484995767186_8986981519636463856_n    12661884_1242484815767204_2413333638996294521_n    12670101_1242640632418289_4741449089072498460_n 12670110_1242640409084978_6823738260486807768_n    12670139_1242640799084939_5517961565652812568_n    12670476_1242485032433849_5655028922202319225_n    12672063_10205565544842677_1900438530930104661_o    12687788_1242640569084962_4823868295251126014_n 12688064_1242484902433862_3557539315356768700_n    12688346_1242640685751617_6344263504419905611_n    12705173_1242640535751632_4862093144358074925_n    12705222_1242484929100526_5328122633590160990_n     12705436_1242640459084973_4352753014061875360_n    12705686_1242484852433867_7614362028023603965_n    12715402_1242485082433844_5444589254187889414_n    12717164_1242640482418304_5303445592827444064_n 12717244_1242484969100522_6424484460983988951_n    12729124_1242640599084959_1301145461793785555_n    12734255_1242640272418325_6412529280922559151_n    12741908_1242640772418275_5819119238285080874_n    12742440_1242640752418277_1603817969772180173_n 12742607_1242640435751642_2615622975326294883_n    12742805_1242485052433847_8513473670085841962_n    12743896_1242640319084987_4369063035421442679_n    12744155_1242640509084968_558465406264295082_n 12744733_1242484875767198_4682300434273457943_n    12745961_1242640725751613_3022964682380952991_n    Justin Cuperfain    Michelle Johnston and Natan Anderson    Joan Vander Walde Rabbi Amy Eilberg    Torah Mitzion    Pardes Alumni Torah Mitzion2 Torah Mitzion3 Torah Mitzion4    Anya Friedman Hutter    Dalia Wolfson Dorothy Newman    Elana Burack    Gabriel Naghi and Joan Bobrof    Hannah Jaffe Ilana Schachter and Ira Blum    Jeremy Rudoler    Jeremy Wilson    Jordan Dewar    Julie Cohen Mira Nathanson    Penn Hillel    Penn Hillel2    Penn Hillel3    Penn Hillel4 Penn Hillel5    Penn Hillel6    Penn Hillel7    Penn Hillel8 Penn Hillel9    Penn Hillel10    Penn Hillel11    Penn Hillel12    Penn Hillel113 Rachel Shaw    Robyn Oster    Tess Niewood    Zach Nessel

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