9Adar is February 8-14, 2019 (Adar Aleph 3-9 5779)



9th of Adar = literally the 9th day of the 12th month of the Jewish calendar, used here to mean the Jewish Day of Constructive Conflict.

Dvar Torah / Divrei Torah = literally means ‘words of Torah’, used here to mean a short sermon.

Havruta = literally ‘friend’, used here to mean study traditional Jewish text with a study partner.

Haskamah = literally means ‘an agreement’, used here to mean a community agreement around shared values and practices with the purpose of creating peaceful relations amongst its adherents. (Haskamot = agreements).

Machloket = dispute or conflict.

Machloket l’shem shamayim = literally ‘disputes for the sake of Heaven’, used here to mean constructive conflict, in which disputes are managed in a positive and healthy manner allowing for the balance of conflicting needs and perspectives.

Mitavchei shalom = peace-brokers.

Rodef shalom / Rodfei shalom = literally ‘pursuer of peace’ or ‘pursuers of peace’, used here to mean someone committed to constructively balancing conflicting needs and perspectives.

Ta’anit = fast day.

Ta’anit dibbur = fasting from destructive speech.

Talmud torah = teaching Torah.

Tefilah = prayer.

Teshuvah = literally means ‘repentance’, used here to mean self-reflection.

Tochachah = literally means ‘reproof’, used here to mean constructive conversation or constructive feedback.

Tzedakah = charity.

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